What are some requirements in using this app?

First, it is important that you abide by the local telephone recording laws. In many countries you need to inform the other parties that the call may be recorded before starting the conversation. In many other countries, call recordings are strictly regulated.

Technically, you will need an Internet connection (any kind of connection including cellular and wifi) to record the calls.

How do I record my call?

Tap on the "Call" tab on the bottom to open the keypad page. Enter the number you want, and make a phone call. Your conversation will be recorded automatically. Alternatively, you can tap on the search magnifier button on the top left to call someone from your Contacts list.

Where can I check my recordings?

You can check the recordings on the "Recordings" tab on the bottom. Tap on the play button on the right, and the corresponding recording will be played.

If you tap on the recording itself, a menu will appear below. Using the menu, you can,

• Call the number again,
• Email the recorded audio in MP3 format,
• Share the recorded audio, or
• Delete the item.

How do I download files to my computer?

You can transfer the recorded audio in MP3 format using the desktop iTunes app. First, connect your iPhone (or iPad/iPod) to your desktop. Open the iTunes app, and select the device from the toolbar. Open the "Apps" section on the toolbar, and from the "File Sharing" list, select "Call Recorder" app. Then on the "Documents" section on the right, you will see the recorded audio in MP3 file format.

What are coins?

Coins are virtual currency of the Call Recorder app. Few coins are deducted from the balance for every minute of recording. Rates for the location are shown in the keypad screen before you place the call. You can buy more coins within the app using the "Store" tab on the bottom.

How long does the coins last?

Coins do not expire.

Can I transfer coins to another device?

No, unfortunately not. However, even if you choose to uninstall the app, next time you reinstall the app, the coins will still be there.

Other party cannot hear me?

Please check if the app has access to microphone as below.

1. Open the device's Settings > Privacy > Microphone.
2. Find the app from the list, and check the switch on the right.

If you have it switched off, please turn it on (green color).

How can I contact you?

Please send us any feedback or questions to contact+callrecorder@apptget.com. We would love to hear from you.